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Winter semester 2023/2024

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Welcome to AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST) - a modern public University - one of the best universities in Poland.

AGH University focuses on fostering a knowledge-based society and creating innovative technologies.

Experienced staff, advanced laboratories, unique campus and high positions in national and worldwide rankings, but most of all bonds that connect AGH UST community are our greatest assets!

Do you want to join our community as an exchange student?

Then you are in the right place! Register here! IRK system is designed for all international students willing to join our University in frame of exchange programmes and bilateral agreements.
Go to OFFER (menu in the top), choose your EXCHANGE PROGRAMME and SIGN UP.

Do you want to join AGH UST as a regular student?

Then you are not in the right place. Visit the website of AGH UST Department for International Students and register in e-Rekrutacja system.

Become a member of the AGH UST community!